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We will assist you in developing your user requirements specifications and in documenting the details of client requirements to drive our custom design for your project.  We also understand the importance of documentation required by federal and state governments. Our chambers meet or exceed compliance standards (e.g., 21 CFR Part 11) and include custom site acceptance testing protocols.


In the event of a mechanical failure or error, redundancy is critical to ensure your chamber maintains temperature. We carefully consider the types and level of redundancy (e.g., N+) that are needed for constant and safe temperature integrity. Through in-depth discussion we will determine what BTU & System redundancy is appropriate for your operation.


A refrigeration-based environmental chamber is essentially a marriage of mechanical devices.  The reality is at some point all mechanical devices fail. Paramount to maintaining chamber integrity and reducing pressure on personnel is getting a failed system back on-line as quickly as possible. 

During the design process, we constantly ask ourselves: “How can we make it simpler without compromising requirements or performance”?  Through smart design, we simplify maintenance through careful selection of components. The vast majority of our parts are available through local refrigeration suppliers or can be obtained quickly. 

Our turn over package includes as-built information assembled in a structured easy-to-use format that can be included in validation documents. You will also be provided recommended schedules for planned maintenance based upon equipment OEM guidelines as well as our own experience. 

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